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Crayola Art Studios 2 March 25, 2009

Creativity Tools

Crayola Art Studios 2

Crayola Art Studios 2 (Micrographx – ages 3-12) has combined a program for little kids and a program for older childreninto a fairly complete creativity tool with tons of activities and multiple levels of difficulty. Besides the obvious coloring book functions you’ve got search-and-find games, mazes, jokes, badges, certificates, place mats, and more. The Art Adventure, meant for younger kids, teaches as it goes: one activity requires you to discern between “sets and subsets”, with appropriately supportive voice-overs. The Art Studio, for older kids, contains more heavy-duty features like the aforementioned place mat maker. Colors come in every variety, and there are plenty of tools to help you use them. The always-helpful Tour Dude will make things clear if you find yourself getting lost. Crayola Art Studios 2 is a smart buy for parents and a fun-filled package for kids.

– March 1996


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