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ScruTINY In the Great Round March 17, 2009


ScruTINY in the Great Round

ScruTINY in the Great Round (Calliope Media)offers a preview of the future of art in the age of technology. Based on the book ScruTINY in the Great Round by Tennessee Rice Dixon (who collaborated with Jim Gasperini on the disc), the CD-ROM smoothly weaves imagery, audio, and language into an entertaining and complex journey through the cycles of the moon and the seasons of life. The presentation is visually impressive – a series of images which are constantly morphing into culturally diverse (and beautiful) objets d’art – and the audio is so realistic that if you turn out your lights you may feel like you’re outside. If you aren’t familiar with the cycles of the moon, you may be unsure what all this imagery means; like any interesting artwork this disc leaves much of its interpretation up to the viewer. The best way to experience ScruTINY is simply to jump right in and see what happens. If you can’t bear to leave any question unanswered, however, you can skip right to the “Who How Why?” section and find out exactly what the collaborators had in mind. Unlike some art discs which, in the end, leave the viewer hanging, the cyclical nature of ScruTiny’scontent provides a nice sense of closure. By the end of the disc you feel as if you’ve completed a journey, even if you still don’t know why the “tiny” in “ScruTINY” is always capitalized.

– May 1996


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