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Just Think March 14, 2009


Just Think

Just Think (ad hoc Interactive, quarterly) has a different audience in mind, but just who is unclear. The emphasis is on content, not design. A good thing, too, because the design is pretty awful. The main navigation tool is a bizarre, 3D icon, the “Queeb.” Click on it and you can access all parts of the program, but you’d never know this unless you read the print insert that comes with the CD-ROM. Some on-screen help would be nice. Once you know how to get around, you can go to the features, which cover topics like South Africa, the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance, the Death of Nixon, Assaults on Women in Cyber Space, and more. Don’t expect much in the way of graphics, audio, or any real interactivity. Text is the core of this magazine. Just Think has a definite liberal point of view and makes no attempt to disguise this bias. If you’re interested in the subjects and not irritated by the one-sideness, then check out Just Think. But don’t expect a multimedia experience.

– May 1995

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