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Counting and Thinking Games March 14, 2009

Kid’s Education

Counting and Thinking Games

With so many similar kids’ programs out there, the magic is in the details – so why isn’t Counting and Thinking Games (Optimum Resource, Inc. – ages 4-8) a winner? The rendering in the program is very skillful and extremely 3D. Unfortunately, dazzling 3D graphics are not personable or heartwarming – they’re just dazzling. Although the packaging recommends ages 4-8 for this title, it is oriented towards the younger end of that age spectrum. And very young kids need something cute or cuddly to interact with, not something polished, technically impressive, and cold. The focus is so much on graphics that the content has suffered a bit; the five simple games are skimpy. Add numbers to get to the next square on a Board Game; move the correct numbers of rings from one stick to another in Stack-Up Game; assemble nifty 3D figures in Block Game; play the mandatory Concentration spin in Matching Game; and count whatever comes out in the Magic Hat Game. You can do all these things and more in other programs.

– August 1996


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