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Acing the New SAT March 14, 2009

College Prep

Acing the New SAT

Acing the New SAT (Penguin Electronic) sounds terrifically promising. Ace the SATs? Teenagers’ eyes sparkle with visions of bright 1600s – they want to believe. And the program has several things in its favor: the five tutors are young, intelligent and almost fun, and the tutorials are fine once you get going. Yet this is one of the weaker programs available to the panicking college-bound youth. The interface, though initially intriguing, ends ultimately in confusion. The diagnostic test claims to have an impact on your program, though no effects are readily apparent. The structure is irritating. You’re forced to do things in a certain order, English first, then math, as you travel via an elevator through a virtual building. You can’t skip to math, even if you only scored 500 in math on the PSATs, while racking up an 800 on the verbal section. The program doesn’t care. This is obviously ridiculous, as each student is unique in his/her areas of proficiency and needs a study program to match. To twist that time honored phrase for a multimedia versed populace: Don’t judge a disc by its title.

– September 1996

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