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Play Blues Guitar with Keith Wyatt March 13, 2009

Play Blues Guitar with Keith Wyatt

For the intermediate student comes Play Blues Guitar with Keith Wyatt (Kudosoft Inc./Play Music). This one teaches by immersion; if you don’t possess some solid knowledge of the instrument, you’ll become lost almost immediately. If you already have the building blocks, however, the program does a superb job of helping you assemble them. Learn the rhythm and some fairly tricky lead parts for four different blues songs, as performed by Mr. Wyatt, a likable teacher who can’t help but show off every once in awhile (usually just before muttering some self-deprecating comment like “these are all very basic structures”). Play Blues Guitar takes advantage of CD-ROM technology in every way that the eMedia disc does not; you can slow a part down to one-quarter speed, for example, and then watch a virtual guitar neck as the computer points out exactly what notes are being played. There are also helpful hyperlinks to all the musical terms, good use of video to illustrate the more slippery points, and the option of removing the lead parts from the sample versions of the songs, so you can polish your skills by playing along. Better than a video or a book, Play Blues Guitar is an excellent example of CD-ROM as teaching tool.

-May 1996, Music


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