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Man Ray: Fautographe March 13, 2009


Man Ray: Fautographe

It comes on a CD-ROM and uses text, photos, and sound, but Man Ray: Fautographe (Telimage) is not an interactive multimedia program nor is it a comprehensive database. Rather, it is a Kodak Photo CD, cataloging the brilliant, strange work of Dadist photographer Man Ray. From an interface that drops in every now and then, you can view over 600 stills of Man Ray’s work. The images are disappointingly small, and often two or three are shown on a screen. Most of the disc is mute, although some screens have a sentence or two of comment, while in others you are subjected to a few bars of synthesized music. When you do get a voice-over, it’s in French (so are the instructions). With a little fiddling, this program could work as a screen saver but, if you want something more than that, you may have to wait until DCI takes a crack at Man Ray.

– November 1995



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