Old CD’s: Games, Encyclopedia, Apps.

Reviews About Old Software on CD-ROM from the 1990’s

Index Features March 13, 2009


Rock ‘n Ram
from O(+>, The Artist Formerly Known As You-Know-Who (January 1997)

1996 iN!-Ovation Awards
the years’ 63 best titles (December 1996)

Fin Fin-de-siecle
virtual playmates & dysfunctional relationships (November 1996)

Elvis Site-ings
the King, in the air everywhere (November 1996)

the Web becomes a political force (October 1996)

Beyond the 3Rs
random access readin’ & ‘rithmetic (September 1996)

The Kids Are Alright
a critical look at filtering software (August 1996)

Sites for Kids
scholastic value and raw fun, together again (August 1996)

E3: Virtual Redundancy
a tour of the industry’s largest trade show (July 1996)

Exploitation 101
the challenges of a middle manager in a multimedia sweatshop (June 1996)

Museums Go High Tech?
museums rush to the virtual gallery (May 1996)

An Indecent Act
and neither shall they read the Constitution (April 1996)

A Day in the Life…
is a day-in-a-life on the Web any different than anywhere else? (March 1996)

Fiction for the Web
from small press to digital press (February 1996)

Assistive Technologies
help for the learning disabled (August 1995)

The Rise of Ratings
rating the rater’s ratings (July 1995)

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