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Green Eggs and Ham March 13, 2009


Green Eggs and Ham

“I do not like them, Sam-I-am,” insists the object of Sam-I-am’s attention in Green Eggs and Ham (ages 3-7), the second Dr. Seuss CD-ROM from Living Books. The opening page offers the standard Living Books’ choices: Read to Me, Let Me Play, or Options (which lets you select a favorite page). The ever perky and persistent Sam-I-am, assisted by a superb supporting cast of Seussian creatures, romps through the story, page by adorable page. And every one of these pages is chockfull of hotspots that burst into action when you click on them – bushy purple trees turn into giant birds, or a barber shop quartet extols the virtues of the plat du jour. There are also three learning activities integrated into the story to help kids build reading and computer skills. Green Eggs and Ham is a vibrant multimedia translation of the book, with all the charm and humor intact.

– December 1996


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