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Reviews About Old Software on CD-ROM from the 1990’s

eMedia Guitar Method March 13, 2009


eMedia Guitar Method

eMedia Guitar Method (eMedia) is a straightforward tutor that doesn’t waste time on fancy graphics or cute gimmicks. Instead, the program is no-frills almost to a fault. Use a Windows-type toolbar to choose options like Lessons, Songs, Types of Guitars, or Tuner, which sounds each open-string note so you can fix your tuning to match the program’s. Choose between male or female vocals when listening to the demonstrations of songs, but don’t waste much time on contemplation – both of them sound bored and occasionally off-pitch, much like the guitar strumming behind them. The result? A complete lack of intimidation. One ends up saying, hey, I can do better than that! And you can. Chord charts, while not exhaustive, certainly cover the beginner’s needs. eMedia Guitar Method won’t bring you much past twelve-bar blues and House of the Rising Sun. It will, however, get you to that point quickly and painlessly.

-May 1996


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