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Let’s Draw: Caricature Edition March 12, 2009

Creativity Tools

Let’s Draw: Caricature Edition

Let’s Draw: Caricature Edition (Microforum) has less to do with drawing than it does with dragging, cutting, pasting, and zooming. Assemble a caricature from available parts (eyes, noses, mouths, heads, bodies by the bushel), then drop in a background, tweak the picture with stretch and bend commands, print it out, and send it to a friend. This is a fairly powerful program, giving you control over every aspect of your caricature, but its purpose is so narrowly defined that a lot of that power is unnecessary. You can throw together a fair representation of anybody you know without resorting to the more sophisticated commands, and that is probably how the program will get the most use – people who can’t draw a stick figure can make a rough approximation of, say, their boss. Artists who want to create work that requires all of this program’s potential are probably already skilled with a pencil and their imagination, which are – let’s face it – infinitely more flexible and powerful than any CD-ROM. Let’s Draw might be of occasional use to the average person, but we can’t imagine pulling it down off the shelf more than once or twice a year.

– October 1996



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