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Kid CAD March 12, 2009

Creativity Tools


Kid CAD (Davidson & Associates, Inc., ages 7 & up) is a children’s version of a standard CAD (Computer-Aided Design) program that allows you to create 3D buildings. Open with a virtual slice-of-America that encompasses a city, a farm, or a town. The most basic (and fun) screen gives you one of these three, and lets you click on things to make them pop, whistle, or do something else. Each area has a conspicuously empty space in the center, which is where you put your “building.” To accomplish this you enter the Design Studio, and then use the icons at screen bottom to choose your category (furniture, construction materials, people; coloring, toolworks, demolition). There are five icons at either side of the screen that vary depending on your category. For example, if you choose furniture, you’ll have a sofa, a chair, a cushion, and so on. It’s all workable and fairly simple. This is fun, but has its limitations. Building in 3D is cool, and rotating your constructions to see them from different angles is also cool, but there’s no place to go after you do that except to demolish the thing. You have ten different ways to do that, but they all disappear in the same manner once you executed the command. For kids who are really interested in architecture and construction, this simplified CAD will hold their attention, but kids who love the variety that Legos afford may tire quickly of this.

– June 1995


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