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Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf March 12, 2009


Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf

The golf sim market is starting to get crowded, with more competitors on the way soon. If you still want to play a good, earth-bound game of golf, however, it’s hard to top Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf (Grolier Interactive Inc.). The new upgrade includes a golf tutorial, another complete course, and more perks all around. Choose to play Sim Golf or Arcade Golf, the difference being that Arcade Golf is a golf simulation as you know it – like Microsoft Golf, the emphasis is on using hand-eye coordination to control your swing – while Sim Golf is a wholly intellectual pursuit. Study wind, temperature, lay of the land, etc., and make a lot of decisions about your swing. The computer will handle the hand-eye coordination for you, but don’t think that makes it easy. Sim Golf will improve your real golf game, because it actually teaches theory and strategy. Arcade Golf is not much better or worse than any other golf simulation.

– September 1996

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