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What’s the Secret’, Vol. I March 11, 2009

1995 iN!-Ovation Award

What’s the Secret?, Vol. I

What’s the Secret?, Vol. I (3M Learning Software – ages 8-12) is a fine example of a CD-ROM that delivers everything it promises. Based on the PBS series Newton’s Apple produced by KTCA in St. Paul, Minnesota, it’s billed as “an interactive science discovery title for the home,” with an emphasis on exploration and experimentation. Kids investigate four major topics: bees, sound, the circulatory system, and an amusement park. They can concentrate on the chosen subject or move on to related subjects which, in turn, bring up more options. Read “Newt Notes,” try experiments, watch experts on TV, find out about careers in the field, check word definitions – the list goes on and on. There’s even a section that covers CD-ROM technology. The disc is designed to encourage kids to explore on their own, but parents (if they’re allowed to sit in on a session) will find plenty to interest them. What’s the Secret? doesn’t talk down, and it doesn’t over-explain. It provides the information and the tools that allow learning to happen – exactly what a good educational CD-ROM should do. This is the first in a planned series. Future volumes will include sections on the human brain, memory, and flight. The next title should be out in the Spring of ’95. It’s definitely on our list of “Must Sees.”

– November 1994

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