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PYST March 11, 2009

Popular Culture


PYST (Parroty Interactive – get it?), a parody of Myst, suggests that the Island of Myst, having been overrun by four million nerds with PCs during the past few years, has become a wasteland somewhat akin to Max Yasgur’s farm after Woodstock. The game starts off on the same dock, but now it is littered with all sorts of things that teenagers might find funny – beer bottles and cigarettes, burbling sewage, trash, secret doors with labels identifying them, etc. The secret door doesn’t go anywhere, though, and you can’t walk off the dock the way you can in Myst. Instead, you can choose a directional arrow and be whisked to another specific screen-parody, though it might be one far removed (in space) from the place you were a moment ago. Pyst is a bunch of broad gags, with no game or story-line element, which would be okay if only the gags were funny. Unfortunately, they’re not. Fans of Myst might get a brief kick out of seeing their favorite game being satirized, but that wears off quickly under the barrage of lame jokes. Click on a dog, and he goes to the bathroom. Ah?ha ha! Videos, with an unfunny cast of characters, are scattered around; John Goodman is here, humiliating himself like you wouldn’t believe. We’ve got to feel sorry for the guy, trapped between a disintegrating Roseanne and trash like this, squandering his considerable talent. We recommend he find a new agent. The high point of the disc is certainly the song “I’m Pyst,” performed by Mr. Goodman, but even that isn’t funny all the way through. Sure, the CD-ROM business could use a sense of humor – but it has to be better than this.

– November 1996


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