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Adventure Bible Handbook: The Rescue March 11, 2009


Adventure Bible Handbook: The Rescue

HarperCollins Interactive has a whole series of Bible CD-ROMs aimed at kids. Adventure Bible Handbook: The Rescue (ages 10 & up)contains some jarringly bizarre elements. Take the storyline: five kids are investigating the Bible, which a Charlton Heston sound-alike tells us is “?the GREATEST book of ALLL?”. So far, so good. The kids are investigating via a “holographic Bible” that they’ve constructed in a giant computer. Their lovable sidekick Froggo (a frog who is supposed to be a “computer glitch”) is along for the ride. Sure, fine. And unless you defuse the three bombs that are hidden in the Bible stories, Froggo will be killed. Excuse us? Yes, that’s right, it’s “Die Hard: The Bible.” We have no idea what HarperCollins was thinking when they came up with this disc, but the Bible and bombs just don’t seem like a match made in heaven. Even without the offensive plot line, this disc wouldn’t be worth the trouble – the animations are lame, the video looks like it was taken right out of some old church school film, and the writing is almost insulting, even to a ten-year old.

– April 1996



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