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Travel & Leisure March 10, 2009

Travel & Leisure

Travel & Leisure

Once again, Creative Multimedia has been neither creative nor multi – nor even particularly media. Travel & Leisure features 15 European cities. Click on the city of your choice and a map of its downtown appears. Click on a portion of the map and absolutely nothing happens. A row of buttons offers you trite videos on sightseeing, museums, excursions, etc.- heavy on marketing, light on information. Another set of buttons offers text information on weather, currency, required documents, etc.; one button provides Internet access for truly up-to-date information. Hey! If you have the Internet, what do you need this CD-ROM for? You don’t. The only conceivable use for this might be in a kiosk in a travel agency to keep clients from going nuts while they wait.

– March 1996

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