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Smart Games Challenge #1 March 10, 2009

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Smart Games Challenge #1

Smart Games Challenge #1 (Smart Games, Inc. – ages 14 & up) offers puzzle-enthusiasts the chance to be crowned the “Smartest Person in America” and to win the $10,000 that goes with the title. Built-in links to the Smart Gamessite allow you to enter the nation-wide contest (successive rounds until Sept. 30, 1997), and to create your own “league” of players to compete with other leagues. Start by choosing one of the 300+ puzzles in one of 20 categories (choices range from the familiar Sliding Tiles and Cryptograms to the more obscure Native Tongue), then answer all parts correctly to earn points and proceed to the next round. If a round contains several parts and you don’t answer all of them correctly, you’re forced to start that round over again without knowing which answers were incorrect. If you’re a puzzle maniac, Smart Games Challenge #1 will keep you busy for days, even without the big bucks inducement. For the rest of us, just figuring out the rules for some of the puzzles is challenge enough.

– December 1996



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