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Slopestyle March 10, 2009

Popular Culture


Slopestyle, from L3 Interactive, is even worse. The subject here is snowboarding. The interface is “An Interactive Learning Cube”, basically a virtual Rubik’s Cube with each block corresponding to a different subject. Each block on one face, that is; the cube rotates, but what you get after rotating is just options, credits, and help. You choose your subject from one of the nine available blocks on the front side of the cube. Then choose your sub-topic. Watch the video, read the text. It’s hard to believe that a subject deserving of an incredibly passionate disclaimer (“maneuvers could result in severe personal injury or even death? L3 does not recommend attempting any of the maneuvers or activities demonstrated on this program”) could fill up so many dull minutes of video. Even the super-extreme category fails to take the breath away, though it does make one doubt the sanity of the people attempting the stunts. Judging from Slopestyle, snowboarding is a sport where success is boring and failure is messy. We hate to sound blood-hungry, but it might have been more entertaining to concentrate just a bit on a few disasters.

– April 1996


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