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Puppet Motel March 10, 2009

Puppet Motel

Blandness is not in the Laurie Anderson vocabulary. Her new Puppet Motel disc (The Voyager Company) is weird, enigmatic, and strikingly original. Once you sign in at the Register you must navigate the Hall of Time, which will bring you to thirty-three different rooms, each offering a puzzle, experience, or activity. Video clips, stories, and animations abound, all held together by a melodically spacey soundtrack and a visual environment (developed by Ms. Anderson and artist Hsin-Chien Huang) that is at once claustrophobic and darkly beautiful, full of noir-ish shadows and crevices. The disc requires a fair amount of concentration and patience from its users, and only begins to make sense once you’ve explored the virtual attic, which contains clues to Anderson’s unique symbology. There’s nothing to win or lose – just explore, make connections, and slowly decipher the strange language of her art . Perhaps the most impressive thing about Puppet Motel is that it manages to capture the flavor of a live Laurie Anderson concert, which featured ‘multimedia’ long before the term was inextricably linked to computers.

– October 1995, Music


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