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Reviews About Old Software on CD-ROM from the 1990’s

Jumanji March 10, 2009



Jumanji (Philips Media – ages 8 & up), based on the movie Jumanji,stays faithful to the movie’s audio/visual style, with sinister and echoing voices, over a pulsing jungle tom-tom beat. Five simple games, Monkey Mission, Monsoon Lagoon, Tiny Bites, Wild Hunter, and Jumanji Treasure Hunt, recollect the film’s action. In one you chase or get chased by a herd of marauding rhinos; in another you leap from floating object to object during a deluge; another has you trapped in a maze being pursued by some downright clever spiders; and one has you swinging away with a tennis racket at bats and giant mosquitoes in the attic. There are buttons that allow you to deactivate the animations, adjust the level of difficulty, and turn off the music. There’s nothing new here; the games could have been made a decade ago, but they were kind of fun then, and they’re still fun now, at least for a few quick rounds.

– December 1996



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