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Deluxe! Math Rabbit March 10, 2009

Kid’s Education

Deluxe! Math Rabbit

Deluxe! Math Rabbit (The Learning Co. – ages 4-7) takes you to the circus. A simple interface offers a choice of four activities and three icons (a rabbit for help, a circus tent to collect your prizes, and an exit sign). It all runs smoothly, and the games are fun. Calliope Counting Game teaches basic counting through musical octaves, while the hippo/tightrope game has harder concepts, like greater than or less than, and the numbers go higher than eight. The Sea Lion Show introduces still larger concepts (subtract 6 from 50, then from 44, then from 38, etc., until you start to see a pattern), and the Balloon Game is a simple concentration-style exercise where you match numbers like 15 minus 3 with 12. When you win, you collect tickets. When you have enough, you can go to the prize tent to choose chattering teeth, a stuffed animal, and the like. While it’s not hard to win, you need at least three tickets for a prize, so there’s an incentive to keep playing. In the process, you learn a fair amount.

– August 1995



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