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Circus! March 10, 2009



In Circus! (The Voyager Co./Matra Hachette – ages 3 & up), there’s plenty to see just by wandering around. You can visit the clown’s trailer to play with make-up, or try out instruments in the music tent. Inside the main tent, there are eight activities involving different circus acts and performers. Estimate how much Kazoom and Sha Boom powder is needed to fire the clown out of the cannon, help work out moves for the high-wire act, or teach baby elephants to dance. All the games have an educational component. Problem solving, estimating, concepts of patterns and sequence are skillfully embedded in this bizarre and witty CD-ROM. Some of the games are quite difficult and too hard for the youngest kids. Luckily, the colorful graphics, excellent circus music, and funny voices and attitudes of the performers are so engaging that kids of all ages will want to see this show more than once.

– July 1995



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