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Real Line: An Interactive Learning Cube March 8, 2009


Real Line: An Interactive Learning Cube

Real Line: An Interactive Learning Cube (L3 Interactive) wants to teach you the basics of in-line skating. Access the material using the patented “cube,” which is divided into beginner, intermediate, and professional levels; each level has three parts, and each part teaches three things like technique, safety, or maintenance. At the end of each section, there’s a questionnaire. There’s also plenty of video, which slows your machine down to a crawl. Real Line is geared to beginners; the section on advance techniques is not nearly enough to be useful. In fact, even as a beginner, you probably can learn as much about the sport just by reading the manual that’s included with your new rollerblades as you can from the CD-ROM. Think of this disc as a short introduction; you’ll only need to look at it once (although the part where they show professional bladers messing up is pretty entertaining).

– October 1996



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