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Ocean Voyager March 8, 2009

Science & Nature

Ocean Voyager

Save Arpo the seal and clean up the toxins threatening to destroy the oceans! These are your two goals in Ocean Voyager (GraphixZone – ages 8 & up), an undersea exploration game that casts you in the role of a submarine captain. It’s up to you and your crew (with Arpo on board) to navigate the submarine safely to the seal’s breeding ground. Within the program, you can toggle between the bridge (where you maneuver the boat by clicking on different elements on a control panel), the lab (where you can conduct experiments and find out more about ocean life), the crew’s quarters, and the pod. Each section has a crew member who interacts with you as you explore. There’s a lot going on in this program: you receive updates from the crew, you navigate through high winds; you monitor the air pressure in the sub; you’re paged to go to different parts of the sub. All this action is coupled with a substantial amount of reference material on ocean life, geological phenomena, fishing, sailor’s knots, weather patterns, etc. In fact, there’s so much going on that at some point you’ll realize that somewhere along the way you (or the program) have lost sight of the two original goals. You now have an astounding repetoire of sailors’ knots, but the oceans are still swirling with toxins, and Arpo is still on board, pining for home. Here’s a rare case of a CD-ROM where less would be more.

– September 1996

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