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Western Garden March 7, 2009


Western Garden

Compared to Lifestyle’s Garden Companion, Western Garden (Sunset New Media) is a notch higher up the ladder of quality. Unfortunately, it only covers the western half of the United States, so if you live anywhere east of the Mississippi you’re out of luck. For those who do live in the west, the information presented in this disc is well organized and comprehensive, and we certainly recommend it over Garden Companion. It offers all the same basic features but with more precision, more authority, and a better interface. We especially like the “Go To” button placed at the bottom of every screen, which allows you to switch between any part of the program rather than having to “back out,” and the well-organized hierarchy of information. The photos are pertinent and nicely digitized, and the gardening tips contain a realistic mixture of basic suggestions and advanced tricks. A fine CD-ROM; now we hope the publishers will cover the other half of the country.

– November 1995


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