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Reviews About Old Software on CD-ROM from the 1990’s

Skier’s Encyclopedia on CD-ROM March 7, 2009


Skier’s Encyclopedia on CD-ROM

For general reference, Skier’s Encyclopedia on CD-ROM (RomBoy) is a handy guide. To plan your trip, the Almanac includes information on more than 400 American and Canadian resorts. You can search in a number of ways: by state, by the resort’s name, or by the “Best of.” The search yields information on hotels, transportation, annual snowfall, and it shows zoom-able trail maps that are hard to read. The interactive Lessons section is excellent. Eight videos cover a range of topics like pole use, steering, moguls, powder, ice, and more. The videos are augmented by informative text which can be read onscreen or printed. The final section, Equipment, is a mixed bag. Information about the Hows and Whys of equipment is compromised by the addition of promotional videos from different manufacturers. This is a tacky note in an otherwise solid, useful CD-ROM.

– March 1995



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