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Savage March 7, 2009



If you’ve already mastered Lion(Sanctuary Woods), but still crave the thrill of prowling the Serengeti, take a shot at Savage (Discovery Channel Multimedia). Although the two simulations demand comparison – both document survival of the same species, in the same setting – there are, in reality, more differences than similarities between the programs. Lion is an intellectual game that provides occasional splashes of adrenaline; you stalk your prey carefully, at the optimum time of day, making sure to be downwind, before pouncing. Savage is pure game play. Chase the animals, kill ’em, suck ’em down, then find something else to eat before you starve to death. There’s less subtlety, less realism, and more head rushes. The graphics are in-your-face 3D (Lion‘s graphics are more functional than decorative), and, unlike Lion, Savage requires you to master a set of keyboard commands to run, pounce, eat, drink, nurse, spray, and claw effectively. Our final analysis is that Lion is a better program than Savage, but Savage will appeal more to gamers who find the type-A personality demands of Lion beyond their patience. One complaint bears mentioning: there are times, when you’re prowling the veldt in Savage, that a sagebrush pops up and obscures your field of vision at exactly the wrong time. Play the game for any given five minutes and you’ll experience having your view blocked while you’re trying to chase down a wildebeast. It is an infuriating, sloppy, and completely unnecessary flaw in an otherwise good CD-ROM.

– September 1996

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