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Rabbits at Home, The March 7, 2009

Kid’s Education

The Rabbits at Home

The Rabbits at Home (Reed Interactive – ages 3 & up) claims to “promote family values in a highly interactive program” – and that’s true. First, it is very interactive. Second, it is based on content provided by the British book publisher Brimax and is infused with stodgy British propriety, which works well here. The first thing you do (after being introduced to members of the rabbit family) is choose the time of day you’d like to explore: breakfast, playtime, dinnertime, chore time, bedtime, and so on. Once you do that, you’re off to the virtual house which is the setting for everything. It’s an old-fashion house with a basement, a tree house, a garden, a grandfather clock – all the prerequisites of genteel English country life. Point and click to explore. You’ll find games, activities, or educational exercises. At lunch time you’ll have a meal; at playtime you’re free to roam on your own (if you happen into the kitchen, it’s not empty – Mama’s making cookies and will gladly show you how). At bedtime Papa reads one of four Brimax books: Read to Me, 123, ABC, and Find and Say. This is a nice, simple program. The pleasant watercolor graphics complement the English country theme. Too bad the voices of the bunnies are not quite as pleasant. That aside, little kids can handle this nicely on their own and will enjoy it.

– August 1995


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