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Haunted House March 7, 2009

Kid’s Games

Haunted House

Take great graphics, appropriately ghostly music, and good character voices, mix them up with a pointless game, and what do you get? Haunted House (Phillips Interactive Media – ages 4-8). Based on the book by Jan Pienkowski with its terrific, spooky illustrations and pop-up surprises, this multimedia version has been re-designed as a game – and a silly one at that. Start the program and you find yourself locked inside the haunted house. You need to hunt around different rooms and the attic for five keys, hidden among various hotspots. Once you find all five, you can go to the basement to find yet another key that unlocks the front door. Unlock the door and presto – you can choose to go back in and do the same game all over, or you can quit. We looked at a beta, so maybe the final release will offer something more. Let’s hope so.

– December 1995


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