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Frontpage March 6, 2009

Creativity Tools – Multimedia Tools

Front Page

Microsoft?s entry into the web design arena, Front Page, allows you to create a professional web site without having to know any kind of programming language. All you need is a basic understanding of a web page ? that is, you need to understand the idea of links and hotspots (any amount of web-surfing experience qualifies you). Front Page is similar to MicrosoftWord; whenever you want to put something on your web page you just insert, drag, drop, and link. The work-in-progress looks exactly the way it will look when a browser is being used. The program?s simplicity ? everything is represented clearly and visually ? doesn?t mean it?s limited. All graphic and audio formats are supported; you can insert Java applets, ActiveX, sound, video, etc. Your work is converted directly into html format, ready for the Internet the moment you save it. The finished product looks great, which makes Front Page our pick for best web design tool.

– January 1997



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