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Rock ‘n’ Roll Your Own February 27, 2009

1995 iN!-Ovation Award

Rock ‘n’ Roll Your Own

If you liked the Music Studio in Nickelodeon Director’s Lab, you should be very happy fooling around with Rock ‘n’ Roll Your Own (Compton’s NewMedia). Here you get eight songs to work with. Once inside each song, everything can be manipulated by mouse or keyboard. Each song has approximately ten different parts – introduction, chorus, bridge, verse, etc. – that can be arranged any way you want. There are sound loops that can be added at any time, like horns riffs, guitar riffs, drums, etc., and you can add more than one at a time. Each song also has eight vocal parts and six different pitches that can be assigned to any sound loop. Finally, each song can be recorded and played back however you want. This is all great fun, extremely versatile and, best of all, produces a seamless product. The cover says “no musical ability required” and it’s true, though if you do possess musical ability, you’ll be able to apply it. Musical knowledge, however, is completely unnecessary. So, there’s no excuse not to rock ‘n’ roll.

– June 1995

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