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Ozzie’s Travels February 27, 2009

Kid’s Education

Ozzie’s Travels

Ozzie’s Travels (ages 5-10), a new disc from Digital Impact, Inc., combines three Ozzie adventures on a single disc. You can follow the hyperactive otter to Mexico, Japan, and India, playing games and doing activities along the way. The activities, which need to be executed with real materials (including a substantial amount of papier-m?ch?), are all very good and satisfying – unfortunately, a computer really isn’t necessary for these simple instructions. The games are also fairly good, and kids even younger than the recommended age spread found a lot to like about the program. We found ourselves put off slightly by a couple of things that didn’t seem to bother the kids: the animation is poorly done, making Saturday morning cartoons looks like the zenith of multiple-frames-per-second artwork; and the ethnic characters you meet sometimes seem stereotypical, with their broken English and proud declarations of patriotism. Overall, however, the disc is educational and fun, and provides some good suggestions for how kids might spend their time after they turn off the computer. The three different tours make it a pretty good bargain, too. Just be ready to mix up a big batch of papier-m?ch?.

– August 1996


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