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SimIsle February 21, 2009

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SimIsle, also from Maxis,is the latest in the long, long series of simulation games spun off from SimCity. In this scenario you are in charge of a cadre of agents that can affect the natural environment and development of a series of tropical islands. You can work with each island individually, or all together sort of an electronic Micronesia. Compared to the fine balance of control provided by SimCity 2000, we found ourselves frustrated by the excessive amount of minutiae you must understand in order to succeed at this game (or even to begin playing) but if you have a ridiculously large amount of free time, you may be able to succeed where we failed. Each of the agents you control has specific skills (and can be trained in others), as do the native populations you must deal with, and the interactions between the individuals and all the external elements can be difficult to keep track of. Again, a tutorial would have helped this is one of the most complicated simulations we’ve seen, and it’s a shame to have to refer to a printed manual all the time. Our advice: forget the tropics and stick with the chaos of SimCity.

– January 1996



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