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Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Create-A-Movie February 21, 2009

Creativity Tools

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Create-A-Movie

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Create-A-Movie (Saban Interactive -7 & up) has everything you might expect: a hard-rocking soundtrack sure to annoy anyone over ten, villains wearing costumes that look straight out of a small-town haunted house, and leaden teen actors that make the bunch in Saved by the Bell look like Yale drama graduates. Yet for all the pain it causes us to admit it, this is actually a good title for the target audience. The basic premise is simple. The Rangers have been trapped, and you have to help each escape by solving a few puzzles. Once you do that, it unlocks the “Final Combat Scenes” clips that you’ll need to make your own Power Rangers movie. The puzzles, available in two levels, are easy even for small children; matching, connect the dots, and “What’s Missing” are the only three, so they repeat quickly (albeit with different solutions). After releasing the Rangers you head into the studio for what is really the main portion of the disc, assembling your own movie from the provided clips. There are nearly 100 clips to choose from, not including those “Final Combat” clips, as well as nine video transitions (wipes, fades, etc.), and a credits section that lets kids add their names to the credits in a variety of colors and styles. For a kid who loves the show, this is mighty morphin’ nirvana; the combinations are endless, and the movies can be exceptionally long for this kind of disc (and can be saved, of course). The title offers lots of re-play potential for kids, and lots of potential headaches for adults just what you might expect from any Rangers product.

– March 1996


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