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Full Tilt! 2 February 21, 2009

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Full Tilt! 2

Full Tilt! 2 (Maxis) offers, as its major improvement over Full Tilt! 1, the fact that the tables fill up your entire screen. The game, which is not terribly much fun, now takes up more space than ever before — wow. It?s peculiar that a game from Maxis, known for their uncanny simulations, should fail to accurately simulate something as simple as pinball. The movement of the ball in Full Tilt! 2 is thoroughly unconvincing; it careens illogically, moves at peculiar speeds (sometimes seeming to change velocity for no reason at all), and hangs for a moment in all the wrong places. This isn?t good news for a program that is obviously striving for realism. There?s none of the fancy, fun, computer-only gimmicks that we found in Ultra Pinball 3D (Sierra), like cranes that grab the ball and move it across the screen. Full Tilt! 2 tries to replicate the experience you might have down at the corner arcade — we could see the appeal if they got it right, but they didn?t. Three new tables (Mad Scientist, Captain Hero, and Alien Daze) have the right look, but they don?t capture the feel of the game; as soon as you?ve let that plunger go for the first time, you?ll know something?s wrong. A final note: the music is pretty good, for what that?s worth.

– January 1997



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