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Dr. Health’nstein’s Body Fun February 21, 2009

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Health & Anatomy

Dr. Health’nstein’s Body Fun

Dr. Health’nstein’s Body Fun (StarPress Multimedia – ages 8 & up) is a game, although not one that every child will enjoy. The basic layout is the “road of life,” which has four parts, going from childhood (the game starts at age 10) through old age. As you proceed along the road, you’ll have to make decisions about what to eat and how much to exercise. At the end of each stage you face a challenge. If you’re healthy enough, you can continue on to the next stage. Along the way you can access the Bodyputer 2000, which analyzes your health in terms of fat, fiber, calories, and exercise. The Remote Body Monitor shows you how your body will develop in the future if you continue along current lines. The Lab has reference works, videos, games, and a fake human on which you can test the effects of alcohol, nicotine, fat, etc. While you might recognize the importance of the message here – that you are what you eat and you better find out what’s good for you if you want to live a long, healthy life – you might not find this program much fun. Recognizing fat levels in food or choosing skim over whole milk does not rate high on the entertainment scale. Watching a video of open heart surgery while Helga Health’nstein lectures on what could happen if you don’t watch your cholesterol seems a bit harsh in a game, even if it is for a good cause.

– June 1995


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