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A Silly Noisy House February 21, 2009

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A Silly Noisy House

A Silly Noisy House (The Voyager Co. – ages 2 & up) could be a bit sillier and noisier. There’s no problem finding your way around, just point and click. It’s easy enough for even the youngest child, which is fortunate because older kids will tire of it pretty quickly. There just isn’t that much going on here. Click on a top to see it spin or a horn to hear it blow. Most items perform predictably so it’s especially fun when one doesn’t. Click on a stick of butter in the ‘fridge to hear the Betty Botter Bitter Butter rhyme. More surprises like this would make exploring a lot more interesting. You can play a few games, like “Go Fish,” with sounds instead of cards, or you can paint one of the bear’s dreams with a magic wand while a song plays. Little kids can use this on their own as there’s no reading required, but it won’t take them long to look for something else to do.

– July 1995

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