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Reviews About Old Software on CD-ROM from the 1990’s

Ocean Planet February 20, 2009

Undersea World

Ocean Planet

Ocean Planet (The Discovery Channel Multimedia) gets an A-plus for production values, which means that everything you access, from the ‘lobby” (the main interface, with options for sections like Undersea Theater, Ask the Experts, Planet Ocean, and In Danger?) to the generous samples of video, runs smoothly and attractively. The problem is that it’s all on the surface – lots of sparkle and no substance. While there is documentation to be perused in the library, cool animations of weather patterns in Current Connection, and environmental consciousness in Sharing the Planet, there’s not much dazzling undersea video: no tantalizing close-ups of Pufferfish or sharks, no footage of someone lowering a camera into the deepest underwater ravine – in short, no big thrills. While text is included with the presentation, there’s so little that it’s almost meaningless. Above and beyond the text, you mostly watch movies and slideshows, so there’s not much reason for this to be a CD-ROM.

– October 1995


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