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Me and My World February 20, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Me and My World

Me and My World (Future Vision – ages 3-7) is a picture dictionary with 18 screens based on different themes. You can visit the bank, a gas station, a doctor’s office, and other spots that make up a young child’s world. Each colorful screen has plenty of hot spots and about 15 to 20 words to learn. Play the slide show game after each scene to match words to pictures, and reinforce what you’ve just learned. The words are simple and the concept is original, but it doesn’t always work the way it should. If you click on the dolphin in the underwater scene, you’ll get the word “dolphin” and a short animation, but click on a fish and you’ll get the word “gills.” And some words, like “hypodermic needle”, are way over the heads of most little kids.

– August 1995


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