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Big Job February 20, 2009

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Kid’s Games

Big Job

Does your child like to wreck things? Afraid your six year-old is going to steal the keys to the family minivan and make the ten o’clock news as the “pip-squeak” who led local police on a ten mile chase? Have trouble tearing your child away from the fence surrounding the local construction site? Then you and your child will love Big Job (Discovery Channel Multimedia – ages5-9). Punch in at the Clubhouse, then choose from one of a myriad of activities. From farming to fire rescue, operating a crane to driving a 3D simulator, if it involves smashing, crashing, heavy machinery, or virtual danger, it’s on this disc. Building machines, loading grain on trucks, construction your child is sure to have a blast. The simulations are challenging and fun, and there’s no shortage of humor in this program. Younger children will need help getting started but, once they get rolling, there’ll be no stopping them.

– December 1995


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