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Mission Code: Millennium February 19, 2009

Kid’s Games

Mission Code: Millennium

Mission Code: Millennium (Virtual Entertainment – ages 8 & up) teaches a bit about culture and history as it tries to provide the thrills of an adventure-style game. Snazzy 3D graphics place you in the role of a new employee at “Virtual Travel,” the headquarters of which are filled with glimmering corridors to explore and animated talking robots to guide you. Soon enough you’ll embark on your mission: to return stolen cultural artifacts (which fall into general categories of art, music, architecture, and science) to their appropriate place and time period. Along the way you’ll have to learn something about the places and periods you visit, as well as the people who created the specific artifact. Graphics are consistently high quality (if a tad repetitive; no matter what place or time period you visit, you’re exploring a variation of the same city-block layout), and the capsule biographies of figures from history are well done. The game suffers, however, from what might be called the I.M. MEEN syndrome.I.M. MEEN is a DOOM rip-off that substitutes grammatical puzzles for bloodbaths, on the premise that an educational game with good play-action will be as much fun as a real game. The problem is, it’s not; something about the mere fact of the learning detracts from the escapist pleasure of the game itself. Millennium, for all its slick production, is still more high school history lesson than a rollicking adventure.

– December 1995


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