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Reader Rabbit’s Interactive Reading Journey February 18, 2009

Kid’s Education

Reader Rabbit’s Interactive Reading Journey

Beginning readers get forty short, simple books in Reader Rabbit’s Interactive Reading Journey (The Learning Co. – ages 4-7). Your job is to help Sam the Lion find his kingdom by following the reading road (this scenario may ring a bell with parents; think Oz). As you travel, you pass through twenty different Letter Lands. Each one has a number of word exercises as well as two books to read. You must complete all the activities, designed to build literacy skills, for each of the Letter Lands before you can move on. Reader Rabbit and Mat the Mouse serve as on-screen guides, and they’re good at their job; you really can’t get lost in this program. Kids (or parents monitoring their progress) can click at any time on POP (Program Option Pad) to see how much ground they’ve covered. The graphics, animation, voices, and music are all well done. While this may not be the most exciting program ever, kids seem to like the challenge and they will definitely learn the basics.

– August 1995


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