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Mud Puddle February 18, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Mud Puddle

Mud Puddle is one of the five titles included in Kids Can Read, Vol. 1 (Discis Knowledge Research – ages 4-9). Like other CD-ROMs in the series, you have the option to customize the presentation of the story. Pronunciations, word definitions in English or Spanish, and explanations for parts of speech are among the settings you can choose. Mud Puddle is an amusing story with charming illustrations. Sadly, not all of them are in color. You can have the story read aloud or read it to yourself. Click on different things to learn their name, like “apple tree”, “rubber duck”, and so on. Beyond that, clicking to turn the page is the only interaction you get here. No hot spots leading to animation, no music, no games. The best thing about these discs is the choice of stories with their excellent narration and graphics. That may not be enough to keep kids busy.

– August 1995


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