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Index Of Special Interest February 18, 2009

Of Special Interest

Each month the editors struggle mightily to find a few items worthy of special mention. (Warning: ‘of special interest’ does not always mean ‘good’.)


December, 1996

iN! Hall Of Shame

November, 1996

Microsoft Greetings Workshop
Microsoft Picture It!
PrintMaster Gold Publishing Suite 3.0
Print Shop Ensemble III, The

October, 1996

Discovering Keyboards (Voyetra)
Inside Independence Day (Fox Interactive)
The Unexplained (Flagtower Multimedia)

September, 1996

Mode (Corel CD Home)
Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail (7th Level)
Sci-Fi Channel Trivia Game (Byron Preiss Multimedia)

August, 1996

Kai’s Power Goo (MetaTools)
Our Secret Century (The Voyager Co.)
Sheila Rae, the Brave (Living Books)

July, 1996

Crazy for Ragtime (Calliope Media)
Paul C?zanne: Portrait of My World (Corbis Corporation)

June, 1996

Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess (Simon & Schuster/Davidson & Associates)
Bob Marley: Soul Almighty (JAD Records/Graphix Zone)
Pete Townshend Presents Tommy: Then and Now (Interplay)

May, 1996

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Harbinger (Viacom New Media)
Treasure Quest (Sirius Publishing)
Spycraft: The Great Game (Activision)

April, 1996

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (Grolier Electronic Publishing)
Olympic Gold: A 100 Year History of the Summer Olympic Games (Discovery Channel Multimedia/SEA Multimedia)
Quest for Fame: Starring Aerosmith (Virtual Music/IBM)

March, 1996

The Beat Experience (The Voyager Co. / The Red Hot Organization)
McKenzie & Company (Her Interactive)

February, 1996

Eastwood (Starwave)
Forrest Gump: Music, Artists and Times (GTE Entertainment)
Rhino Rock Expedition: The 1960’s (Compton’s New Media)

January, 1996

Bad Day On the Midway (iNSCAPE)
Mind Of A Killer (
Cambrix Publishing)
Monopoly (Parker Brothers/Westwood Studios)

December, 1995

Inside Magic (Houghton Mifflin Interactive)
Learn the Art of Magic (Broderbund)
Magic: An Insider’s View (HarperCollins Interactive)
Piano Discovery System, The (Jump! Music)

November, 1995

The Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA)
New Voices, New Visions 1994 (The Voyager Co.)

October, 1995

First Person – Mumia Abu-Jamal: Live From Death Row (The Voyager Co.)
New Music Technologies

September, 1995

Conduct Unbecoming (ApolloMedia )
EasyPhoto (Storm Software)
Echo Lake (Delrina)

August, 1995

Homework Helper (Infonautics )
On-line Safeguards

July, 1995

KidDeskFamily Edition (Edmark Corp.)
Launch Pad: Kid-Safe Desktop (Berkeley Systems, Inc.)
That’s Edutainment!: A Parent’s Guide to Educational Software
(Osborne McGraw-Hill)

May, 1995

Alone In The Dark II (Interplay)
Bioforge (Origin)
Cyberia (Interplay)
Microsoft Bob (Microsoft Corp.)
Morph Movies (Gryphon/Jasmine Multimedia)

April, 1995

Alice (Synergy Interactive)
Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Interactive
(Graphix Zone)
Welcome to West Feedback (Virtual Music Entertainment)

March, 1995

BarMinSki Consumer Product (Consumer Productions)
Introducing James Joyce’s “Ulysses” (W.W. Norton)
The Farm
(Humongous Entertainment)
The Residents’
Freak Show (The Voyager Co.)

February, 1995

Gadget (Synergy)
Hell (Take 2 Interactive Software
The First Emperor of China (The Voyager Co.)
(Sanctuary Woods)

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