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Crayola Amazing Art Adventure February 18, 2009

Creativity Tools

Crayola Amazing Art Adventure

Micrografix has two titles, Crayola Amazing Art Adventure (ages 3-6) and Crayola Art Studio (ages 6-12). The main difference between the two is that Art Studio offers games and coloring books as separate activities, whereas Art Adventure combines the two. This makes Art Adventure far more effective and provides a reason to use the disc instead of a paper coloring book: it teaches cognitive skills. As you paint a picture, you’re identifying objects, finding things, connecting the dots, etc. Along with the games and coloring books, you get Placemat Maker, the Painting Studio, and the Gallery. Art Studio also includes a Picture Show Maker which allows you to create a moving picture of your work. Both programs have a varied assortment of tools for coloring, like watercolors, markers, and crayons. There’s also clip art to add to your work, as well as good sound effects. Although more limited than some of the other programs, there’s still plenty here to keep kids busy.

– June 1995


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