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Cartopedia February 18, 2009

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Cartopedia(DK Multimedia) is a high-gloss program; it’s feature-rich and flexible with video, hypertext, and an elegant design. Many kinds of map information are offered – physical, political, a glossary and index, statistical profiles on a chosen country’s education, health system, communications, history, etc. – with plenty of bells and whistles. Navigation is easy. A box in the lower left corner offers icons, and text appears as you settle the cursor on each. Or, zoom in on any part of any map. The hypertext is used to excellent effect in a very good “compare” feature. For example, head for Australia, choose “health” from the navigation box, get a profile of the health system there, click on a button called “health spending,” get a profile of Aussie health spending, then click on “compare” and choose the country whose health spending you want to match against Australia’s; it is equivalent to that of the U.S., and considerably more than that of Myanmar. By the way, the program pronounces Myanmar for you. Cartopedia is a very nice standard geography reference; no boomer home should be without one.

– March 1996

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