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Wiggleworks February 6, 2009

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Kid’s Education


Three stories, Mousetrap, The Animal Picnic, and Rabbit’s Party, are the starting point for young writers in Wiggleworks (Apple Home Learning/Scholastics – ages 3-8). First, choose either the Read Aloud or Read (without narration) modes. Then go to one of the activities like Writing, Drawing, the Magnet Board (where you create word puzzles), and ABC’s. You can write and illustrate your own stories or make changes in existing ones, and then print the results. You can also record your voice. Parents can customize the program by changing font sizes, regulating the pace of narration, deciding whether the story is read line by line, and so on. This is a good title for early readers; however, older kids will lose interest in the stories after one pass and will need a broader program.

– August 1995


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