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Who’s Fat Lou’ February 6, 2009

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Who’s Fat Lou?

Who’s Fat Lou? (Mediola Inc.), nominally targeted at kids 14 to 18, is so aggressively hip that we found playing it to be an honestly frightening experience. Even MTV fails to overload the senses as much as this bizarre but colorful game. Who’s Fat Lou? was created by Italian designers for an American audience, but the hyper-disgusting humor and jagged rendering seem closer to Japanese styles of animation. In a dank, gray future (where kids, at the dinner table, cry out “Oh no, Mom, gray crap again!”), a band of graffiti artists gets hassled by the cops. That’s about as much of the plot as we could understand – the game immediately veers into surrealism, throwing conceits like “narrative” out the window. Move around a park (a top view of a map leads to single-frame environments), confronting creatures like a bird whose acidic feces will burn you to death, a crazed ax murderer who screams “Mommy made me wear her panties on my head!”, and a seductive woman who happens to be graffiti on a wall. Try to solve tricky puzzles under tight time constraints (a major understatement). Too many animation sequences relegate the player to passive watching for long minutes, and the game’s macabre design and disconcerting sense of humor are more disturbing than funny, but there’s no denying that this CD-ROM is unique. At $25, some people might consider it a bargain – especially if they’ve just ingested a large amount of psychedelics.

– December 1996



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