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What’s the Secret’ Volume II February 6, 2009

What’s the Secret? Volume II

What’s the Secret? Volume II (3M Learning Software – ages 7-13) is even better than Volume I. This time the major topics to explore are flight, the Arctic, the brain, and glue. Based on the excellent PBS series Newton’s Apple, produced by KTCA in St. Paul, Minnesota, the CD-ROM uses content from the show to illustrate its points, and once again offers a wide variety of ways to investigate each subject. Whatever route you take, you’ll have plenty of facts, videos, games, experiments, hints, instruction and capsule biographies readily accessible. What’s the Secret II is truly an “interactive science discovery title.” With so much stuff floating around, younger kids may get a little confused. The interface presents everything in a big, child-pleasing, colorful jumble of unlabelled icons; it takes a little practice and experience before you can move around in this content-rich environment. But sometimes the “jump-in-and-get-wet” approach before you figure out what happened is best – it’s more like what a real scientist does than some kids might assume. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for Volume III.

– December 1995, Kids’ Education


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